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Bio – Ana Mosquera

Currently based: Philadelphia, USA


Zero meters from any orientation

Featured on the juried show Passport for an Artist at the French Alliance in Lima

The project was created for the juried show Citizen Made or Born, curated by Laura Spivak. The show is organized annually as part of the Passport for an Artist Award by the French Alliance in the city of Lima, Peru.

The democratization in the use of measuring instruments (GPS) in mobile devices has allowed us to experience cities not only as a physical but also a digital reality, opening the possibility of inhabiting interstitial spaces that question the logic of the location of the body and its shape of interaction with the environment. In this sense, the work is approached as an exploration mechanism of living between the digital and the physical, using the GRINDR social network as a case study. This social network allows men to establish friendship or partner relationships with other men based on their proximity, creating a common space defined by the continuous flow of identities that interact in it, which can be identified and mapped in the geographical space but They depend on the mediation of the application for their manifestation.