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Bio – Ana Mosquera

Currently based: Philadelphia, USA


Trocha: 20 mil pesos

Crossing the border between Venezuela and Colombia

The project explores the information produced by groups of Venezuelans on Facebook about the crossing of the Colombian-Venezuelan border and its progressive disappearance by accumulation. The work was part of the migrant chronicles exhibition held at the Lima Contemporary Art Museum between September 2019 and February 2020. The piece was woven on mercerized cotton, and measures 80 cm x 2.5 m

“A border is an area that overlaps two things, an area that separates and unites. A border is a space to interlace, where a succession of transformations unites us and separates us. For this project, I compiled publications posted on Facebook at the public group “Venezuelans in Cúcuta”, and transferred the text to a piece of fabric using a Jacquard machine, lifting the threads of the warp through a computer but keeping the weave of the weft manual. The work shows the ephemeral nature of digital information by the progressive disappearance of the text. This work was part of the Migrant Chronicles exhibition of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Lima.”