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Station C

Station C: Deception Island

“Station C: Deception Island is a  proposal by Ana Mosquera which presents, in the artist’s words, “the possibility of thinking about  territories as a liminal space or as a non-objective reality”. On the surface of a large table, as a structure and object in the present of the showroom, a series of elements and devices are located that narrate the geography of this imaginary place. It is an exercise on information design that exposes the staging of language itself by confronting various modes of writing and memory, of filing and reading, of infinity and finiteness.The actuality of this imaginary nation is portrayed in its economic, material and political aspects through brief and suggestive narratives that highlight the particularities of the place.

In this narrative, the tone stands out, a reservation that under a fragmented and literary approach is expressed, in appearance, as if it were a didactic and informative exhibition. By understanding the textile as text and the text as a thread of ideas, Ana Mosquera combines the conciseness and rhythm of poetry with the movement and distribution of  infographic forms and graphic design. The possibility of this island is a lucid, acute and absurd narrative game, the will of this utopia is at the same time critical of the dystopian reality of the Venezuelan political system, a setting in abyss where the design of a willful military dictatorship dominates the territory but isolates each inhabitant to the daily work of survival within a bureaucratic nightmare.” Lucas Ospina

Station C: Deception Island history narrated by AI – TTPS Conchita