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Bio – Ana Mosquera

Currently based: Philadelphia, USA


Speculum Orbe Caribbean

¿Por qué Islas?.

Online exhibition at Solo Licencia de Reconocimiento

“In the words of Ana Mosquera, “this project explores the possibility of exploring personal digital space through a narrative thread, in this case, the history of the Caribbean. For this, multiple searches were carried out on Google using words extracted from Memories: Digital Magazine of History and Archeology from the Caribbean. The result was a compendium of words and phrases from which a text was created, narrated by TTSMP3 – Inés. Also, multiple images, sounds, videos and screenshots were obtained, all assembled in a video island.

The result is a human-machine collaboration experiment that relies on the technology of poetic language to recode personal digital space and uses repetition, rhythmic patterns, and assonances as part of the process of cognition and assembling memory.

This piece shows, at the extreme speed of visual consumption, powerful and firm poetics anchored in the possibilities of creating hybrid and changing bodies, islands of alternative knowledge through the use of technology as a rhizomatic connection, as heterotopia and a place of speculation, imagination, and criticism.” Angela Bonadies